What we do

What we do

These are the areas in which we are specialised.

Vehicles Design

Design and Development of Niche Vehicles for early-stage projects, proof of concept, Marketing & Publicity, etc.

We cover all stages of the development process: from initial research, sketching, conceptualisation, 3D modelling, simulation, functional prototyping and manufacturing, including one-off vehicles.

Automotive Systems & Consultancy

We have a specific background in development of vehicle systems, in varied areas such as suspensions, propulsion, shifting, etc.
Our service includes the Managament of the Projects under strict automotive standards, such as APQP / PPAP framework.
We apply multiple tools such as design-for-manufacturing and Reverse engineering in our analysis processes.

Autoparts & Components Manufacturing

In addition to designing components, we have our own manufacturing facilities for prototyping and low volume production. We provide solutions for diverse markets such as special parts, classic & historic car parts, motorsport, niche vehicles, etc.

Consumer and Industrial Products

We develop consumer products and Industrial products.
We cover the whole life cycle, from the idea to manufacturing.

Tooling, Fixtures & Jigs

With a focus on mass production, we also develop toolings for the industry.

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